Who We Are

We are friends and family of adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in  Hawaii focussed upon ensuring that our adult children with IDD live a meaningful life that  allows them to live into their full potential . 

What We Do

We are searching for residential options for our adult children and finding wait lists exceedingly long and housing within our neighborhoods  unavailable.  Believing our kids deserve to live in the area where they grew up and are participating in the community, we have formed a 501c3 nonprofit, Fuller Lives, to address these concerns. 

Goals of Fuller Lives

The Goals of Fuller Lives are: 

1. To raise Awareness of the dire need for housing for this population. 

2. To develop housing opportunities that allow adults with Developmental Disabilities to have a Choice as to who  their roommate is and in which community  they live .

3. To Partner with colleges and universities where students who need practicum hours (PT,OT, Social Work, Nursing, Education, etc.) would be linked to our homes. 

4. To establish a rich Circle of Partners (i.e. Churches, Businesses, Community Groups and Schools) who will support the residents of these homes through activities, experiences and friendships to truly live Fuller Lives.